Copper tiles


Metallics are used in interior designs around the world since many years. The warm copper and brass tiles are easy to incorporate in the home,and people tend to link them to the warmth it has. 

Our handmade artisan copper tiles will make a beautiful accent  in your kitchen and your home walls.These beautiful tiles are the perfect decorative accent. These copper tiles are hand made in a very small batches  in our small family run craft studio.Tiles are easy to install, you need to add a mortar and grout, the same as for regular porcelain tiles. 

Cooper tiles have a deep  brown patina and will darken over time slightly into more brownish tone.They will not go green, as green patina on copper will develop only outdoor when exposure to rain is in place. Our copper tiles make a perfect backsplash idea due to  warm, soft, reflective look of copper and brass.Copper can make a kitchen seem comfortable and warm. Additionally the cooper give light to reflect in a calming glow.



Every copper tile we make is handcrafted from raw copper thickness 0.57mm ( .020") the same as for roof use. Its very hard, strong and durable. 

Copper tiles  and brass tiles will  bring an elegance and warmth to your home !

Read our clients reviews from around the world :

"It arrived on time and the tiles look absolutely stunning as a splash back in my kitchen.Everyone has remarked on them. We are very pleased"

Lora, Dublin, Ireland

"Ordered a custom set for a splashback and Pete was very helpful in gettingexactly what we wanted made and shipped quickly. Lovely tiles"

Tracy, USA

"This custom piece from My Copper Craft is absolutely gorgeous!Pete was great to work with---HIGHLY recommend him and his work!"

Joyce, LA, USA