Technical info about our copper crafted house decors. 

Every copper tile we make is handcrafted from raw copper thickness 0.57mm( .020")  the same as for roof use.

Its very strong and durable. 

  •  Do they install like regular tile?

Yes they do. Thinset mortar is used, just as normal tile, use grouting. 

  • How to maintain and clean the tiles?

We use quality microcrystalline wax to protect our patinated tiles. Copper will slowly and beautifully age over time. Soft cloth, mild soap and lukewarm water is best for cleaning - avoid using harsh cleaners. Certain foods ( ketchup, mustard) and acids may cause changes to the color. Apply wax once a year if you wish to slow ageing proccess. We do not laquier our products. The natural weathering of copper tiles leads to a gradual change in the surface colour and the final patina depends on the environment in which the tiles have been installed. Salt, moisture and sunlight  can affect the final unique colour.  Copper  tiles work just as well on the exterior as they do on the interior and are perfect for water features.

  • What patina option do you offer?

We usually make two choices of copper patina finish : brown and classic green. These are two colors that we find most attractive on our copper tiles. Coloring copper is an art, mainly a matter of craftsmanship and experience. The much admired natural protective coating of a blue-green patina characterizes older copper roofs, including ancient cathedrals. We can customize patina finish for your wish and make it darker, brighter, brushed etc. Have a look on listed products and photos for patina examples. Each batch of our hand finished copper tiles may differ slightly in tones and shades from the next as they are all individually polished by hand, which adds beauty to each of our unique metal piece of art and craft. 

  • Are these tiles eco friendly ?

We are committed to making a beautiful long lasting product by the most environmentally friendly process possible. Metals are among the most recycled materials there are. They have a high values and they are easy to reclaim and reuse. Our tiles have a high recycled material content and 100% of our scrap is reused or recycled. One of the most overlooked aspects of green consumerism is longevity. In the long run the greenest product is often the one which lasts the longest. Copper lasts practically forever.

  • Can they be used outdoors?

Yes, for wall applications, outdoor kitchens and wineyards. 

We are copper craft  specialist that produces custom and handmade quality copper, brass and bronze home accessories and decors that are often described  by our customers as a "house jewellery''

 creative studio specialized in wall tiles and wall art that will remodel your space. We design and manufacture decorative metal and cooper accessories for interior design including tiles for Kitchen, Stairways and Fireplace. Every wall piece that comes out from our manufacture is one of a kind. We make handcrafted and unique tiles that are much desired in a world of mass production. Metal or copper finishes will always look stylish and will make a great visual impression in your kitchen. Metal tile will age slowly over time and that makes our products more special, elegant and rich looking. Our backsplash tile comes In different styles: Accent, Artisan, Celtic, Mosaic, Rustic, Wood look. Kitchen Backsplash Ideas
Custom handmade quality copper, brass , nickel and stainless steel home accessories, decors that are often described by our customers as a "house jewellery''. One of a kind metal pieces for your very special project, beautiful copper Tree of Life tiles for kitchen backsplash. stylish wall idea

Best decorative piece in your house project! Our metal wall art look stunning and have a softness in it, while still being a wonderful bold and shiny decor. Update or remodel your space with our unique tiles and backsplash tile. Use our copper tiles in columns, kitchen walls, archways, stairway risers and create amazing art.