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Celtic designs that will create stunning backsplash tiles for your kitchen wall. Copper tiles that will look beautiful in your house. 

The wall above the worktop should be resistant to water vapor and fat. Usually used to cover the tiles, but it also uses other finishing materials: brick, wood, glass and copper. Kitchen backsplash must practical and decorative. An important factor determining the choice of finishing material is the budget allocated for this purpose. The small budget only allows you to apply suitable paints to kitchen backsplash. Finishing material to kitchen backsplash should match the interior design and be functional. The possibilities for arranging this space are many, the limit is only creativity and budget.

Make a personal design statement with copper. 

Let your home welcome guests with the warm glow of copper, beautiful and natural material. 

Ceramic tiles in kitchen are classics, functionalism and original look in one. However, an interesting and modern solution are cooper tiles. Copper is resistant to humidity and high temperatures. In addition, copper tiles give a unique character and style in the kitchen. They are easy to clean, do not absorb moisture, heat-resistant and non-flammable. Copper tiles in the kitchen are the perfect solution to give your apartment an industrial character. Copper compositions can be combined with glass, stone or other types of metal. Thanks to copper, the light will be warm and pleasant.

In stylized kitchens, where we want to build a feeling of heat, it is worth to choose copper backsplash. On the market we have a huge selection of copper sheets. Some of them have extruded patterns on the surface that can be selected for the kitchen, others are smooth, polished or brushed. Cooper backsplash can use large sheets to cover the wall without visible splits and difficult to maintain clean connections. Some tiles for cooper backsplash have an undercoat layer that is covered with an adhesive, which makes it easy to assemble. Cooper backsplash can be mounted to a wall on a chipboard of the right thickness.

Despite many new solutions backsplash tiles still do not go out of fashion. They are extremely resistant to dirt and easy to keep clean, which in the case of such rooms as the kitchen is extremely important. Backsplash tiles have plenty of forms, original patterns, interesting structure and a wide range of colors. The best backsplash tiles in kitchen are tiles with a smooth surface, covered with a thick layer of enamel. Such tiles are best for keeping clean in the kitchen. In the fashion are mainly large size, but not less popular are laid out of fine mosaic elements.

Metal is the material that came to our home kitchen from the large catering premises. It enters into modern industrial aesthetics, is a symbol of modernity and impeccable hygiene. Metal tiles cover walls without visual divisions and difficult to maintain clean connections. The metal tiles are heat resistant, do not absorb moisture and water. On the walls of the kitchen you can put metal tiles of acidic steel, aluminum, and in rustic kitchens with copper. Metal tiles have also defects. On the metal shows dirt and small traces of water drops. Metal tiles need daily cleaning and often polish.