MyCopperCraft is creative workshop specialized in metal crafted house accessories.

 Every piece that comes out from our manufacture is unique and one of a kind.

We make quality handmade product that is much desired in a world of mass production.

SET OF 8 TILES "Tree of Life"

Copper will never rust, sky-high prices in the commodities market

make it a great investment as well !

Celtic knots patterns and Tree of Life copper tiles backsplash wall design.

Copper looks stunning and it has a softness in it, while still being a wonderful bold and shiny accent.
Metal finishes will make a big impression on a space and will always look stylish high end.

Custom handmade quality copper, brass and bronze home accessories, decors that are often described  by our customers as a "house jewellery''. 
One of a kind metal pieces for your very special project, beautiful copper Tree of Life tiles for kitchen  backsplash. 


Wall mural tiles  including pieces from our Celtic Tiles Collection, Zodiac Signs Collection, and Tree Of Life.

We make unique copper tiles, brass and bronze  tiles, kitchen backsplashes, metal house numbers,
furniture hardware and metal wall decors. Our stylish metal accents will make a focal point in your interiors. 


Gothic metal tiles from our Historic Tiles Collection.

Elegant art and craft style kitchen tiles, crafted in our studio to your order with your specifications and custom designs.
 In stylized kitchens, where we want to build a feeling of warmth, choose copper backsplash. 

We make sure your experience with MyCopperCraft is as satisfying as possible. 
Your order will be handled with care, consideration and outstanding customer service. 

Art and craft style tiles with bird motifs from our Botanical Collection.

Buy  our kitchen backsplash mosaic tiles, metal tiles, accents and tile murals for behind stove and sink areas.
 Metal tiles are heat resistant, do not absorb moisture and water. Copper is a perfect material to put mark in your interior. 
Tile murals created in  MyCopperCraft art&craft studio.  They are beautiful and durable!